Unvaccinated city workers sent ‘advanced notice of termination’ ahead of deadline

HARBOR ISLAND (KUSI) – The clock is ticking for myriad people who work for the City of San Diego, they could be fired if they don’t get vaccinated or have an exemption.

The final warning went out Tuesday and it’s called the “advance notice of termination,” which was sent out to 86 city workers.

KUSI’s Dan Plante joined viewers live with reaction and an interesting new development with exemption interviews.

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Clarification Statement: 

KUSI News, wants to clarify and correct a report within the video on how many San Diego city employees received advance notice of termination letters.

These notices are sent to employees who have not complied with the city’s mandatory COVID -19 vaccination policy.

The count we received Thursday, has 86 employees from a variety of departments getting notices with five from Fire and 15 from Police.

900 City Employees did receive 30-Day Option letters, but not the termination notices.

After a full hearing, those given these notices, may then be issued a notice of termination.

The 814 people in who did not receive the early termination notices all have different statuses.

The City of San Diego says, “a majority of them opted to get vaccinated and those numbers will be reflected in this chart (below) once they have all reached the two-week mark when they are considered “fully vaccinated.” We provide this report on a weekly basis but, again, the new numbers won’t be reflected for another few weeks. Some of them were seasonal employees or were out on protected leave. Some others opted to submit requests for Leave Without Pay. Approximately 50 of them submitted exemption requests. Even though it was after the deadline, the City accepted those applications and will review them as part of that process.”

As of Jan. 6, the City has issued 86 Advance Notice of Termination letters to employees who have not complied with the City’s Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. Please see below for a breakdown of the notices issued to the largest City departments.   

Department Name  Advance Notice of Termination letters issued 
Development Services 3
Environmental Services 1
Fire-Rescue 5
Library 2
Parks and Recreation 13
Police 15
Public Utilities 19
Other Departments  28 
Total  86 

City of San Diego – Jan. 2021 

Those employees will be provided with all due process rights and rights to representation. They will receive a hearing with a Skelly officer. For classified employees who have Civil Service rights, if termination continues to be recommended following the hearing, the employee will be issued a Notice of Termination.

It’s important to note that employees who updated their vaccination status or applied for a medical or religious exemption did not receive the termination notice. Several employees also submitted requests for leave without pay, which is a process handled through the Personnel Department and the Civil Service Commission.

The City is committed to giving employees every opportunity to come into compliance with the Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.  

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