Update on Homeless Vouchers in El Cajon

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The City of El Cajon recently discovered it is housing over 45% of the County’s homeless via the state’s hotel voucher program. It is against the city’s laws for hotels/motels to house homeless at over 50% occupancy, so many hotels and motels received notices that they would have to adjust their occupancy.

Very shortly after, the attorney of El Cajon was called by the California Attorney General’s office and told that they were in violation of the Fair Housing and Employment Act due to their recent dispersal of the violation notices.

There was no written cease and desist, but Mayor Bill Wells says it was clear that the full weight of the AG’s office would be used against the city of El Cajon if they did not rescind the notices of violation.

Mayor Wells joined KUSI on “Good Morning San Diego” to discuss the conflict.




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