USC Professor Joel Hay says there is no scientific proof social distancing prevents spread of coronavirus

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – USC Professor Joel Hay joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss his stance on how to get people back to work.

Hay said that there is no proof that social distancing works for diseases like coronavirus. He backed up this point by saying we have been social distancing for over a month, and there are no signs that it is helping us contain the spread of the virus.

Plus, Hay explained that there was coronavirus cases in California much earlier than we originally thought, before social distancing guidelines were implemented. Has the spread of coronavirus changed? Hay says we don’t really know, but asks, why are we shutting everything down if we have no proof it works?

But, Hay says people with pre-existing conditions, elderly, etc. should isolate themselves. He doesn’t believe we need to isolate the young and healthy, as proven by Sweden.

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