USD a sociology professor’s new book explores intersection of aerial technology and politics

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A USD a sociology professor and founder of the Good Drone Labs has a new book called “The Good Drone” which explores intersection of aerial technology and politics.

The book is focused on how drones are being used in positive ways, including how this technology in the air affects politics on the ground, how it could be used by activists for example.

The Good Drone explains how drones, balloons, satellites, and kites are being used around the world for good, one example is how journalists report on protest crowds and how the government and activists alike are using drones during the COVID-19 pandemic and the BLM movement.

Dr. Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick joined Good Morning San Diego to talk about his book and research on how small-scale drones like satellites, kites and balloons are being used by activists, ways drones are helping in the documentation of human rights abuses, supporting anti-poaching advocacy and advancing climate change research and how law enforcement is using drones to monitor protests.

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