USS Ronald Reagan to begin transfer to Japan Monday

CORONADO (KUSI) – The transfer of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan from San Diego to Japan will begin Monday.

According to the Navy, the Reagan was based in San Diego for 11 years and is one of three aircraft carriers taking part in a home port swap.

The USS George Washington left Japan and following a stop here, is destined for Virginia where it will undergo a nuclear power refueling. 

The USS Theodore Roosevelt, which was located in Virginia, is currently deployed in the Middle East and will end its voyage at its new San Diego base.

"We are sending our most modern West Coast-based aircraft carrier to support the security, stability and prosperity of the Indo-Asia-Pacific region and our allies," said Vice Adm. Mike Shoemaker, the commander of Naval Air Forces.

Shoemaker said the Reagan was one of the first Navy ships to respond and provide assistance in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011.

"The strong ties that were established between ship and host nation over four years ago will continue," Shoemaker said.

According to the Navy, they expect to save approximately $41 million in personnel transfer costs. Two-thirds of the crew of each vessel are expected to remain at their home ports.

Most of the sailors taking the Reagan across the Pacific Ocean are former George Washington crew members.

The majority of those taking the George Washington to Virginia served aboard the Reagan.

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