USS Sampson to return to San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Following a seven-month deployment that saw its more than 300 sailors take part in a search for a crashed airliner in Indonesia, the USS Sampson was scheduled to return to San Diego Monday.

The Sampson left San Diego last Halloween, and in December and January, helped in the search for an AirAsia Airbus A-320 that went down on December 28. None of the 162 passengers or crew members survived the crash.

“They worked hard during the past 18 months preparing for this deployment and it showed in their outstanding performance,” said Commander Steven Foley, commanding officer of the Sampson. “Their dedication and sacrifice was truly inspiring and resulted in a highly successful seven-month deployment to the Western Pacific.”

The USS Sampson is the fourth destroyer to be named for Rear Admiral William Thomas Sampson, who was in command of the North Atlantic during the Spanish-American War.

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