Valhalla 25, Steele Canyon 24

The Cougars of Steele Canyon traveled to Valhalla to take on the Norsemen on Halloween night in a scary match up that ended in a very scary way! Valhalla was able to pull through and get the win by one point! 25-24, Valhalla Norsemen!

In the first half, Steele Canyon was dominating and was able to hold Valhalla to a score under double digits for a while. When they went into half time, the score was 24-7, Steele Canyon up, and they were very confident in going back into the game in the second half to keep the score up and win. But Valhalla had a different plan in mind, and they definitely battled for their plan to work!

To open back up the game in the third quarter, Norseman running back Jerome Johnson took a short hand off and took the ball 3 yards to bring their score up but the extra point was no good, making it 24-13 Steele Canyon still up. Both teams had an extremely hard time throughout the rest of the third with scoring, leaving Steele Canyon scoreless in the third.

In the fourth is where things got interesting; neither team seemed to really defend for the ball like they should have been! First Steele Canyon gets intercepted by Valhalla’s JJ Meier, then is Valhalla getting intercepted by Cougar Edward Delgado… Then its Steele Canyon fumbling the ball only to be recovered by Norseman Christopher Yohe, to once again be intercepted, but this time by Steele’s Ny Johnson! Steele Canyon is at their own 10 yard line, the ball snaps wrong and they fumble; but leave it to Daniel Bender of Valhalla to recover it and take it in for a touchdown! The 2 point conversion was no good, score floated to 24-19 Steele still winning. The last play of the game… Valhalla’s Jerome Johnson fights the Cougar defense for three downs, they have one left from the one yard line, Jerome dives into the end zone, after a few seconds the referees decide that it was good!

The final came to be 25-24, Steele lost by one point with 1 minute left on the board. Steele Canyon is now (6-3) overall, (1-3) league and Valhalla (4-5) overall and (2-2) in league.

Categories: PPR Week 10