Ventura County restaurant owner issued citation by health officials for staying open

VENTURA COUNTY (KUSI) – The Daily Caller obtained video of Ventura County Health Officials issuing restuarant owner, Anton Van Happen, a citation for staying open despite orders to close.

The video shows a tense confrontation between the health officials and Happen, Happen clearly frustrated that the government is preventing him from operating his restaurant, ‘Nick The Greek.’

“This is the support you get from the health department and the government these days,” Happen said. “We are already under so much stress and pressure to try and keep ourselves afloat.”

At one point, Happen emotionally asks the health officials, “Are you going to pay my rent?”

Donald Trump Jr. responded to the confrontation online tweeting, “We need more of this or the politicians will never ever stop their economy destroying power-grab. Lockdowns aren’t based in science. The politicians & media hacks still supporting them are actively destroying lives, but they don’t care because their paychecks aren’t on the line.”

The full Daily Caller story can be read here.

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