Veteran Readiness and Employment Service modernization increases benefits access to Veterans

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Veteran Readiness and Employment Service Director Will Streitberger joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss the VR&E program enhancements and how they impact services available to veterans.

The program now been completely modernized and renamed this month as the VA meets the challenges of dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic.

New features include a VA video Connect, which allows Veterans to communicate with counselors without making a trip to their local VA office. They connect from Virtually anywhere, using encryption that ensures a secure and private session. The app makes VR&E appointments more convenient and reduces the travel time for veterans in rural areas, difficult commuting areas, as well as working adults and/or those with families.

 Also the Electronic Virtual Assistant (e-VA) which is an artificial intelligence platform that streamlines routine electronic communication with veterans, bidirectionally through either text message or email. This technology is readily available in the marketplace with similar applications successfully employed in other industries such as medical, hospitality and banking.

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