Video chat with Santa on Zoom with ‘Santa- The Experience’

SAN DIEGO KUSI) – Santa – The Experience is a first of its kind virtual experience that takes place via Zoom. It is a magical interactive elf-guided journey through winter’s busiest wonderland, along with a personal live video chat with Santa himself.

Knowing that the holidays will look different for many this year and that many families aren’t able to be together like usual, Santa – The Experience allows family members who are not physically together to share in the experience as they can log onto the Zoom link and safely be part of the experience to create a treasured memory.

The experience runs from December 1-24, with tickets on sale now. Experiences are available from $34.95 per family, and Elftastic packages can be purchased which include “Nice” certificates for children on the call.

When you book your experience, parents/adults can provide personalized information about the kids who will be meeting with Santa so that Santa can be familiar with what they have been up to this year, their likes and dislikes, etc.

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