Videos taken by journalist Tayler Hansen show Ashli Babbitt preventing violence inside US Capitol

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – As we know, Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.  Babbitt, a woman who lived here in San Diego, was also an Air Force veteran, and was unarmed when she was killed.

Mainstream media and Democrats at the highest level have smeared Babbitt to be a “terrorist,” and have not gave up on their narrative for over a year.

Independent Journalist Tayler Hansen was inside the U.S. Capitol that day, alongside Ashli Babbitt for the moments just before she was shot and killed. Hansen has been publishing his videos to Twitter, which he explains prove Ashli Babbitt was not violent, and was actually trying to prevent others from doing anything violent.

Hansen joined KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries on Good Evening San Diego to discuss what he saw firsthand that day, and explain the trouble he has been having in getting his message out.

Hansen and Babbitt were the first two people to arrive at the Speaker Lobby doors, and can be heard offering the US Capitol Police Officers water.

But according to Hansen, what happens next is what “disproves what mainstream media and our government have created as the official narrative around Ashli Babbitt.

The second video shows a crowd of people now outside the doors of the Speaker Lobby, where Babbitt and Hansen had been communicating with and helping the US Capitol Police.

This group of people was trying to break through the doors, and Hansen’s video shows Babbitt trying to physically stop a man identified as Zachary Alam from breaking in. Babbitt can be seen pulling him away by his backpack, and then punching him in the face after he attempted to break the window on the door.

Hansen told KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries that Babbitt was “trying to disarm these people, trying to calm them down throughout this entire, kind of confrontation with these police officers.” Hansen then explained seven seconds after Babbitt punched Alam, she was shot and killed.

Hansen concluded that the government “co-opted this narrative that is completely inaccurate. They call Ashli Babbitt a terrorist, she served 14 years in the United States Air Force, she’s the farthest thing from that. She wasn’t violent a single time that day, the only time she actually raised her voice at cops was when she was yelling at them to call for help. But the media doesn’t want to cover that. The January 6th committee, they don’t want to get into any of that because it’s very inconvenient to their crafted narrative.”

Tayler Hansen can be found on Twitter at @TaylerUSA.


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