Viewers want to know

                                                       Viewers Want to Know

"You go to L.A. for Mission Hills, but you don’t cover Oceanside in San Clemente." "North County bias once again, fawn over Mission Hills and ignore Madison on the road at Vista Murrieta."

That’s just a sample of our Week 1 viewer feedback. If I can summarize accurately, numerous fans at Oceanside and Madison High felt slighted we didn’t cover their respective programs on the road last Friday. The fact that we traveled with Mission Hills to Crenshaw the night before, only exasperated the situation.

At the end of the day, our coverage schedule is my decision. So your beef is with me. My explanation is simple; we traveled to Crenshaw Thursday night because… it was Thursday night. We only had 2 games on the schedule and we didn’t have the weight of the PPR’s Opening Night hanging over our collective heads just yet.  Had Oceanside or Madison, or both for that matter, had played on Thursday or Saturday, I guarantee we would have traveled with them.

But, like I mentioned in my opening remarks on Friday night, Opening Night at The PPR is like being the first to board a recently repaired roller coaster. You think everything is buttoned up nicely, until you find a handful of nuts, bolts and screws leftover from the repair. This past Friday night, we had 21 Red Jackets working their first PPR Show. We were also implementing some new technology as it relates to feeding video back to the station. I made the executive decision to keep everybody close to home. We played it safe.

In Week 1, it’s more important to have a clean show than a comprehensive one. We limit the number of games and instruct our crews to error on the side of making slot.  That’s why we missed the winning score at La Costa Canyon. Again, that’s my call. I stand by it.

As the season progresses, we’ll grow more aggressive with our coverage. The emphasis will switch from "getting back early" to "don’t leave until the game is decided." By week 3 we’ll be firing on all cylinders.

I encourage everyone to keep up with the feedback. I try to answer all your emails individually or answer them in a collective manner, if everybody is upset with the same thing 🙂

Thanks for watching. Thanks for writing.

Paul W. Rudy

Creator of the Prep Pigskin Report

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