Violent crime is up in some parts of San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Crime is down in most parts of the city, but for thousands of people living in three San Diego neighborhoods, the opposite is true.

After dark on the streets of North Park, almost every evening, it is a vibrant and active place.

But many of the people who live there are still recovering from a year of terror in this normally peaceful place.

The summer saw marches in the streets.

Citizens, mostly women, defiantly taking back the streets which had been taken from them.

It was all part of a community’s violent response to violence against women walking the streets alone at night in the early morning hours.

The attacks started in the springtime. At first, it was thought to be an aberration.

Suddenly, with seven more in about as many weeks, it was a trend.

Wednesday, the chief’s report to city officials reflected the concern.

That concern is shared in other San Diego communities.

Pacific Beach residents came to City Hall Wednesday to sound off.

Four things have happened since the string of assaults terrorized the community.

A suspect was arrested.

Police beefed up patrols, particularly along side streets.

Neighborhood watch groups mobilized hundreds.

And the city has promised improved lighting along the dark streets.

A lot of people are breathing easier.

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