Violent weekend and last week in inner city

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It’s been a violent weekend and violent week in general in San Diego’s inner city’s neighborhoods, mostly the result of gangs.

This message is brought to you by a well-respected community activist.

The gang lifestyle leads to one of two places: prison or death

A man sits in the back of a police cruiser arrested for attacking another man with a chainsaw.

It happened last Saturday night in City Heights when 20 people started fighting inside a house on Altadena Avenue.

Police said the chainsaw attack had all the signs of being gang-related.

Hours later, a police officer stood guard at a City Heights residence where a man was shot in the head, the unintended victim of gunfire.

It all started when a group of men attacked a teenager with a baseball bat.

As the teen tried to flee the attack into his home, there was the sound of gunfire.

While the teen avoided being hit, an innocent bystander did not.

He was not expected to survive the shot he took to his head.

Police said the shooting has all the signs of being gang-related.

Then there’s the case of the 21-year-old man who was murdered Thursday night in front of a Logan Heights church, feet from a statue of Jesus Christ.

After the man was severely beaten by a group of men and left on the street, they ran him over twice with their car killing him.

Police said the murder has all the signs of being gang-related.

Then the heartbroken family members of 28-year-old Jason Coney, murdered Tuesday night in Logan Heights, weeks after his family plead with him to end his gang lifestyle.

The two murders in Logan Heights happened within a two-day time span.

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