Walk to end Alzheimer’s

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – It was a great morning Saturday, to be at Balboa Park as more than 3,000 came together to walk to end Alzheimer’s Disease.

Kristen Cusato was the MC this year, and she shared the story of her mother, who was diagnosed at the age of 61, and passed away just a few years later at the age of 65.

Care-giving is incredibly challenging, and everyone who was there Saturday understood.

The sea of purple, a sea of support, at the walk to end Alzheimer’s 2014 Balboa Park.

60,000 in San Diego County alone have Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.

It doesn’t just affect the person with the disease, so many caregivers are right there with them.

“Sometimes their situation, so helpless before, something like this empowers them, a difference they can make,” said Gloria Baker.

Raising money in teams, to help with care, and to fund research without it, there will never be a cure.

“I think what we know is this is a commitment to ending this disease,” said Kristen Nats.

Everyone had a story. So many are in the club they wish they were never in, but looking around and seeing the show of support, and just knowing they are not alone, is a good feeling.

“This has affected my family. So important. I’m so please to partner with Supervisor Dianne Jacob to end this disease. Look at the crowd here,” said Supervisor Dave Roberts.

The Cathedral Boys Lacrosse Team, the Dons, came out in force to support their coach.

“This means a lot to me personally, my dad passed away one year ago early onset Alzheimer’s,” said Coach Jim Mandler.

A learned lesson, from many who have gone through it?

Keep giving the person with the disease love, no matter how far the disease has progressed.

“They’ll squeeze your hand, kiss you, they’re in there. They just can’t communicate like they’re used to,” said Darryl.

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