War memorial plaques found


The veteran community is overjoyed that the plaques are back home. Now, the question remains should they go back up in Kimball Park, or be replaced with a new type of memorial less desirable for thieves?
From tears of sadness to tears of joy. It's been nothing but smiles from Diane and Rick Devries since they heard the stolen war memorial plaques were recovered.
“This has been a very emotional week from the lowest of lows on Tuesday to the excitement of yesterday, once we found out that the plaques were found,” said Rick.
It was Saturday night when National City police received a call from a resident living at the Park Haven Apartments in San Ysidro; he said he found the plaques leaning up against a fence. 
“We'd like to really thank the community and the media,” said SDPD, “because of the media blitz it's believed the plaques became a hot commodity and so the thieves simply abandoned them so as not to be caught.”
Police say the plaques are in good shape, only one is slightly damaged with a bent corner. The question now is what will happen to them. National City Mayor Ron Morrison says city leaders haven't decided to put the plaques back or perhaps replace them with something less valuable.
“If those plaques will go to an indoor location, or be displayed there, what kind of security is going to be on them so that 60 years from now they're still there for people to enjoy,” pondered Morrison.
What is for sure: an even bigger memorial. The city council has already approved a round-about for the Kimball Park intersection to be completed this summer.
“So in the middle of that round-about, normally you just have a concrete area, but we decided to make (the intersection) 5-sided and each side was going to be dedicated to each one of the armed forces.” 
And later this year, security cameras are scheduled to go up in National City's public parks.
“This has brought the city together,” said Diane Devries. “It is just so awesome, everybody is involved…not just the veterans, now the whole city. We're just so happy the plaques are back home..where they belong.”
So while the search for the missing plaques is over, the hunt for who took them is not.
“These are things our society cannot tolerate, and so if you let it slide… no,” said Morrison. “I think the message still has to be out there.. Be scared, be very scared.”
National City police detectives are hoping that someone will come forward with information on who stole the plaques. Crime Stoppers is offering $1,000 reward, and you can remain anonymous. Ironically, officers state the brass these thieves were after is only worth about $350 – $400.


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