Warning signs of a violent person

Dr. Lisa Petronis from Jurate Psychotherapy and Consultation Services Inc. joined Good Morning San Diego to talk about warning signs of a violent person.

TOP FIVE Early Warning Signs of Future or Imminent Violence
• Serious threats of violence
• History of violent and aggressive behavior
• Uncontrolled anger
• Expression of violence in writings and drawings
• Patterns of impulsive, intimidating, and bullying behaviors
TOP THREE Signs of Imminent Threat
• Threats of lethal violence.
• A detailed plan (time, place, and method) to harm or kill others
• Possession and/or use of firearms and other weapons.
Take Action!
• Stay Safe
• Guide the person to appropriate professional help
• Contact the local authorities if threat has been made
• Contact the person’s family/relative’s close friends to alert them to a potential problem
Resources When Seeking Help

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