Water main break floods Mission Beach neighborhood

West Mission Bay Drive was flooded early in the afternoon Tuesday, when a 12-inch diameter caste-iron water main broke, flooding streets and creating a watery mess for area workers, businesses and residents of Mission Beach.

“I was just trying to come home a couple hours ago, only to find out that the whole road is closed,” said resident Jo Unger. “And so our car is now parked over by the Bahia (Hotel) and I don't even know how to get it back to our house. So I'll probably have to wait a couple of hours.”

A little after 1 PM, the water was shut off – leaving some residents perplexed.

“Today, I've been using my faucet, and it was really, really, really bad water pressure,” said another resident Thomas Bosilevac. “So I went to the convenient store across the street and I looked at the traffic and it brought me (to the construction site). Now I know the culprit!”

Customers in the 800 block of Mission Bay Drive and the Bahia Hotel were without water service, but people visiting from out of town didn't seem to let the excess water keep them from enjoying Mission Bay.

“It's interesting: when you're on vacation, everything's good,” said Pam LeHoy, visiting from Michigan. “I love it here. Love it, love it. I've been in bathrooms, and they're all backed up and that's sort of gross. Other than that, I'm cool with it. I'm going to walk to the bay.”

Some area businesses were able to find a way around the water.

“Actually, we've been getting a lot of to-gos,” said Mission Beach restaurant worker Jose Zuniga. “It's typical. It's not the first time that this has happened; about a year ago, the sewage plan was getting fixed. They did the same thing and we were doing a lot of to-gos.”

But for residents who live in the area, they hope this watery hole draws attention from City Hall.

“This is the infrastructure problems that we have in San Diego. I've seen Kevin Faulconer. He comes to our City Council meetings, our Town Council meetings, and he is very pro on fixing the infrastructure. And I hope that this is one of the projects he takes on.”

The water is being restored currently and the roads will be reopened at 4 AM Wednesday morning.
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