Ways to stay healthy when staying home during the lockdown

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Now is the best time to be proactive with your health, according to Dr. Mandeep Walia-Bhatia. People can take this time of staying home as a foundation to support a healthy immune system, no a quick fix.

Two things have to happen for you to get sick:
1. You must be exposed.
2. You have to be susceptible.

A healthy immune system can react quickly. In fact, many won’t even know that they’ve been infected with the virus.

Here are 3 ways to stay healthy by boosting your immune system when staying home during this lockdown.
1. EAT WELL – Continue to make healthy food choices. Leave food that you bought for emergencies for an emergency. Don’t use those foods as comfort during these times. If you’re having trouble finding fresh, organic produce, substituting with frozen is encouraged. Remember, frozen produce was allowed to ripen on the vine longer so may actually be more nutrient dense than fresh, unless it’s locally grown and in season. 
2. MOVE WELL – Go outside! You’re practicing social distancing but going for a walk around your neighborhood is encouraged. So many people know about Vitamin C and they have been taking it for flus, and to build a strong immune system but you need vitamin D from sunshine, exercise and fresh air. You can also do simple things like marching in place during conference calls or doing 25 squats once an hour.
3. SLEEP WELL – Maintain a healthy sleep schedule, 7 to 9 hours. Don’t sit around and worry about what you cannot control: that’s stress which raises our Cortisol Hormone in our bodies and in turn it will only increase inflammation in your body which will weaken your immune system. Your body is listening to you. If you’re stressed and anxious all of the time, your body will be more suspectable to the virus.


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