‘We need big beastly changes in Sacramento,’ says gubernatorial candidate John Cox

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Republican John Cox is running to take over Gov. Gavin Newsom’s seat in a recall election anticipated to arrive in fall.

As more and more candidates solidify their campaigns for the seat, more campaign videos have been released.

Notably, Cox recently made headlines with his campaign video in which he walked alongside a bear and presented Gov. Newsom as the “beauty” while he is the “beast.”

Candidate Cox joined KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez on Good Morning San Diego to discuss his campaign.

Cox ran and lost to Newsom in 2018, Alvarez explained, then asked him what is different about his campaign the second time around.

“What’s really the case is California is different,” Cox answered, emphasizing how the state has changed dramatically in the past three years.

Cox reiterated that he’s not a regular politician and his primary goal is to make things work without partisan battles or corruption.

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