‘We need workers to get back to work,’ says attorney Michael Curran

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Since early December 2020, the law firm of Curran & Curran has helped hundreds of restaurants and bars stay open as a form of a peaceful protest against the COVID-19 state restrictions.

Now that the restrictions are being eased, it is extremely difficult for restaurants to find workers.

As a result, some owners are getting creative by offering cash incentives and signing bonuses to encourage employees to get back to work.

Curran & Curran Law attorney Michael Curran joined KUSI’s Logan Byrnes to discuss how many San Diego County restaurants are faring.

Curran described that it is especially hard for restaurants to hire back-of-house positions such as dishwasher, line cook, etc., which are also the positions without tips.

With the current unemployment benefits and additional COVID-19 relief, those currently receiving benefits are making more money than they would earn in many restaurant jobs.

Additionally, Curran encouraged viewers to contact Mayor Todd Gloria and the fire marshal about the city demanding restaurants remove their outdoor dining structures by July 13.

Workers to need to get back to work, Curran said, adding that they are necessary to getting the economy back to full capacity.

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