Speed on wet roadways factor in two deadly crashes

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Going too fast for the wet conditions was a factor in two deadly accidents Friday. California Highway Patrol officers can’t say it enough: Drivers need to slow down. Speed is believed to be a factor in why two people lost their lives Friday on the rain-slicked roads.

The first crash happened just before 6 p.m. on the northbound I-15, just north of the 805 in City Heights.

CHP said the driver of a silver Sedan was speeding and lost control. The Sedan crashed into a white utility truck that was disabled on the shoulder of the freeway.

The driver of that truck was still inside and suffered minor injuries, but the passenger of the Sedan was killed.

A few minutes later, another deadly crash on the southbound 15, south of Mira Mesa Blvd. 

CHP said four cars were involved after a driver traveling too fast started hydroplaning, hitting three other cars, killing the passenger of one those cars.

In other parts of the county, drivers listened to warnings to stay clear of flooded roads and areas prone to flooding, like where the San Diego River overflows behind the Fashion Valley Mall. 

As earlier reported, strong winds also caused serious problems, downing power lines and trees.

A 100-foot pine tree fell in Encinitas leaving several people looking for a place to stay overnight. 

Ten units of the Pacific Pines condo complex had to be evacuated due to a gas line that was ruptured by the tree. The gas was shut off, but there is still a big job ahead. 

An obviously tragic night on the roads and a frustrating night for several homeowners. A big reminder for everyone to slow down while driving and to clear any loose branches or old trees close to your home. 

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