Week 1 Hog Blog: PPR XX


Dear PPR Viewers:

At last, the off-season is over, and Year 20 of the Prep Pigskin Report is upon us. We’re always trying to raise the standard by which all other football programs are measured. It’s a Week 1 Hog Blog tradition to review the tweaks and assorted alterations that help us do that.

(New in 2018) PPR XX:

You’ll be seeing a lot of this logo in 2018. Sure it’s a vanity plate, but how many TV programs (of any genre) celebrate two decades of existence? We’re proud of our staying power and grateful for your continued viewership that has made it happen.

Both the Friday KUSI News at 5 pm and 6 pm will feature live cut-ins from PPR reporters stationed around the county. Per usual, we will have a live presence at the Cox Communications Game of the Week. Coach Troy Starr has left the show to become the Mt. Miguel football coach. Replacing a “Starr” of Troy’s caliber is no simple task, so we will use the “analyst by committee” approach. Expect a rotation of three-time state champion John Carroll, former Charger Burt Grossman, 2005 Silver Pigskin winner Abraham Muheize, and other assorted movers and shakers from the high football scene. Their expert insight insures the PrePR, brought to you by the Bill Howe Family of Companies, will remain the go-to source for pre-kickoff entertainment.

(New in 2018) 10:45 pm PPR 1st & 15:
Here’s where things get interesting. Last year the PPR started at 10:30 pm and ran for 65 minutes. In 2018, our football coverage with start at 10:45 pm with the PPR 1st & 15. This 15-minute segment is devoted exclusively to the PPR/Cox Communications Game of the Week, featuring extended highlights, live interviews from the field, and in-depth analysis from our pool of prep football experts. It used to be a big deal to be selected as the PPR/Cox Communications Game of the Week. Now’s its going to be HUUGE!!!

(New in 2018) 11:00 pm Prep Pigskin Report
Once the clock strikes 11 pm, the PPR 1st & 15 will transition seamlessly into the Prep Pigskin Report. One of the biggest complaints we get from viewers has to do with last year’s 10:30 pm kickoff time. “There’s not enough time to get home to watch the show,” you’ve told us. One viewer even asked us to pay for his speeding ticket! By pushing the show to 11 pm, even the most cautious drivers now have time to navigate from the field to their respective viewing party.

(New in 2018) Big Pig on Campus:
We’re always looking for ways to increase the interactive nature of the PPR. For 2018, our social media team has created The Big Pig on Campus competition. Every Monday, the PPR social media team will project and promote four possible candidates for the PPR/Cox Communications Game of the Week game ball. You the viewer will use your best “Hog Hunch” to predict which of our four candidates will have the best game. Remember, you can only vote for one of the four choices. Utilizing our PPR fantasy football scoring system, we’ll declare which of our four candidates has earned the title “Big Pig on Campus.” Anyone who guessed accurately goes into the winner’s pool, and from that pool, we’ll pick one lucky recipient of PPR gear and front row seats at the Dec. 4th Silver Pigskin Gala.

(New in 2018) PPR IGTV
Also new to the social media effort in 2018 is PPR IGTV, or Instagram TV. Every week we’ll hand pick an assortment of VIPs from the San Diego prep football community and solicit their participation in PPR IGTV. Our Instagram page at KUSI PPR is going to be the place to find true behind-the-scenes content showcasing the lives of athletes, coaches, cheerleaders, band members, mascots…even PPR Red Jackets!

Viewers are also encouraged to get involved by sending us their behind- the-scenes IGTV video clips via KUSI Prep Pigskin Report Facebook Messenger. If we use your clip on the air, you will win PPR gear and seats at the Silver Pigskin Gala.

(New in 2018) PPR Dine & Dash:
One of the coolest things about the Prep Pigskin Report is the show’s communal nature. Just about every school in the county has a gathering spot where athletes, coaches, and parents meet to watch the show. In 2018, we’ll send a live camera crew to homes, restaurants, pizzerias, bowling alleys, ASB functions…you name it. If the PPR is on the TV and folks are watching, we’ll be there! The segment is sponsored by Cartwright Dine & Dash, so if time allows we might even address any ant control problem you might have. Seriously, if you want us to “Dine & Dash” at your PPR viewing party, contact John Duran at PPR@kusi.com.

Those are just some of the changes that we hope will make the 2018 PPR experience even better for our loyal fans. As always, any questions, comments, or criticism is welcome. I try to answer all emails individually, but if a significant number of viewers have the same concern, I’ll use this forum to answer en masse.

Let’s see what happens Friday. We’ll find out together!

Paul Rudy
The Prep Pigskin Report

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