Week 1 Pigksin Idol Journal: Alisa Walker, El Camino

The whole experience started with getting the email I got picked to be a 2017 Pigskin Idol. The whole experience was one of my favorite memories from high school by far! I got an email shortly after telling me what week I was scheduled for. I saw I was Week One and that’s when the nerves kicked in. That was in just a few weeks! I got my assignment on the Monday of my week and had to go to the station to write my script that Wednesday. I showed up Wednesday night at the station to write my script, Allie and Alyssa then sat down with me and helped me write the cheesiest script ever. This was one of my favorite parts, Allie and Alyssa were so helpful when writing it and absolutely hilarious! I also met THE Paul Rudy this night! 

Friday morning I woke up earlier than my alarm because I was so excited! I left right after school was over. I got to the game at 5 and walked down to the field to go meet up with Alyssa. I took pictures with the student section, cheer teams, and fans. I ran the KUSI PPR Snapchat account and tweeted score reports off of the KUSI twitter. During halftime we started to pick out some of the plays we wanted to use and eventually found who was our Nelson Photo Player of the Game. I went down to the bottom of the field and interviewed our player of the game, right after this I started to get nervous. 

We drove back to the station after the game to write my script. Travis, Alyssa, and I sat in the edit booth editing plays into my segment. I finally wrote my whole script and was ready to start practicing. This is when I got really nervous and started shaking. I practiced my script and the timing multiple times since I had an earlier game, I had more time. (Hallelujah) I got mic’d up and was rushed to the tease room, but FALSE ALARM, I already had a pre-recorded tease. I got ready to go on-air, and it all happened so quick, I sat down and got my papers ready and BAM we were already live. Paul was so easy to talk to and made things run smooth! Everything went so fast and what seemed like a few seconds I was already off air, and surprisingly I didn’t mess up!! YAY ME! This is one of my favorite memories from high school! Everyone was so nice, Alyssa, Allie, Travis, and Paul were all super helpful and nice! 

If you’re thinking about applying to be a Pigskin Idol I totally recommend! You won’t regret it! 

P.S. Make sure you know which camera to look at and don’t get trampled by the football players! 

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