Week 1 Pigskin Idol: Jonathan De Guzman II

On August 26, 2016, I, Jonathan De Guzman II, was able to partake in being the PPR idol for week 1.  Driving to Mission Bay High School, I had mixed feelings on my responsibility to report the Buccaneers going against the Cougars.  I was nervous, anxious, but mostly excited.  Fortunately, I had the chance to work with an amazing team, Kayla and Ryan.  With their help, my experience was able to run smoothly.  When I first entered Mission Bay High School, I  met with my team and got the inside scoop on how their PPR reports were conducted.  I was also able to hang out with the cheerleaders and shoot clips with them for our teaser that foreshadowed my segment.  However, the real fun began in the studio.  We got to the station around 9:30 PM, which gave Kayla, Ryan, and me about an hour to work on our report.  Ryan worked on editing the highlights while Kayla and I worked on the script.  Now even though we had an hour to work, time flew by fast and our deadline was coming closer and closer after every minute that has passed.  Luckily with Kayla’s animated script writing and Ryan’s amazing editing, we finished right on time, but next thing you know it, I was on air with Paul in less than 10 minutes. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to practice the script which caused me to be extremely nervous, especially since I had to anchor with the well-spoken, Paul Rudy.  Yet, the staff of PPR calmed me down and pushed me to have fun.  From my experience, I would tell future PPR idols that this can be very stressful and nerve wracking, but in the end, I realized I had so much fun and this was an unforgettable experience.  This truly made an impact on me because it made me want to work hard to pursue my media and film related dreams.  So thank you PPR, for giving me this opportunity!

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