Week 10: The Bishop’s School Knights 40, Classical Academy Caimans 20

No rain or lightning delays this week, but that doesn’t mean Week 10 of the Prep Pigskin Report was anything less than electric.

The Bishop Knights (5-3) hosted the Classical Academy Caimans (5-4) in an evening titled as the Bishbowl, otherwise known as Senior Night in one of their biggest games of the season.

A fun-filled Friday packed with 11 turnovers, eight touchdowns, seven quarterback sacks and three seniors being recognized.

Bishop’s was able to get out to an early lead in the first quarter, but the Caimans were able to deflect a pass and intercepting the ball, tying it back up going into the second with two field goal.

The second quarter is where the real action began with five turnovers on both sides of the ball and the Knights defense sacking the Caimans quarterback three times.

A huge 93-yard touchdown run from Diego Preciado, as he went untouched down the field to bring the score 19-13 heading into the half.

Early in the third quarter the Caimans charge down the field and made it a one-point game, getting another touchdown, this time by James Duncan to take the lead over the Knights.

Two more turnovers and the Knights took a 5-point lead heading into the fourth.

In the final quarter of the game, there were still two turnovers, a quarterback sack, and a quarterback keeper for Dominic Harley, who took it 31 yards as the Knights brought the win home, sealing the deal, 40-20.

The Bishop’s Knights (5-3) are still undefeated in league as they travel to Florida to take on Zaphryhill’s Christian Academy (6-2).

The Classical Academy Caimans (5-4) will travel to La Jolla Country Day (2-6) for the final league matchup of the season.

PREVIEW: We’ve reached Week 10 of the Prep Pigskin Report, but after last week’s lightning, we’re sure to have an even better show this week as Classical Academy (5-3) takes on Bishop’s (4-3) at La Jolla High School.

The Knights are currently undefeated in their conference as they hope to continue that streak against the Caimans.

The Knights have two strong quarterbacks on their team who have totaled for over 1,300 yards so far this season.

Gabe Thomas will definitely be a player to stop rushing for over 500 yards and looking to break 600.

Clarence Freeman IV will most likely be on the other end of the ball being thrown by one of these elite quarterbacks.

What is a good offense without a strong defense? Well, the Bishop’s Knights have accumulated over 400 tackles.

The Caimans will have their work cut out for them facing the Knights but will be lead down the field by senior James Duncan.

The leading rusher for the Caimans is Damian Castaneda with 818 yards and receiving the most yards is Diego Preciado with 201.

This will be quite a matchup to see if the Knights will continue undefeated in the league or if the Caimans will come out with their first in the league.

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