Week 10 City Game of the Week: Orange Glen Patriots 27, Santa Fe Christian Eagles 24

Week 10 comes to a close and one great game on Friday night was the Orange Glen Patriots versus the Santa Fe Christian Eagles. The game was senior night for Santa Fe Christian. The final was 24-27 Orange Glen. 

We see the game start out with a touchdown by Santa Fe Christian with a touchdown pass from Thomas Greupner to Kian Hogan for a seven-yard touchdown. That made the score 7-0, in favor of the Santa Fe Christan Eagles. 

Orange Glen didn’t let the Eagles stay in the lead for too long as the Patriots answered with a touchdown from Ethan Villalobos to DJ Harris for a big 69-yard touchdown. They went for two and didn’t get it, making the score 7-6, Santa Fe Christian. 

Santa Fe Christian was at the 6-yard line and as the Eagles were running it in, they fumbled it and San Seymour recovered it for the Eagles. That gave Santa Fe a bigger lead of 14-6. 

Before the half, Orange Glen got another touchdown, closing the gap. Ethan Villalobos went to DJ Harris for 21 yards. The Patriots went for two, making it, tying the contest at 14-all. 

After the half, Santa Fe Christan took the ball to the house for a 31-yard touchdown thanks to Jack Winters. The score was now 21-14, Santa Fe Christian. 

Orange Glen then got a touchdown thanks to a handoff from Villalobos to Harris for a 47-yard touchdown, making it 24-20 Santa Fe Christian. 

As Orange Glen got the ball late in the fourth quarter, the Pats drove it down the field to score with only seconds left, which made it 27-24, Orange Glen. 

After the kickoff, time ran out on Santa Fe Christian as the Patriots capped a huge comeback win on the road.

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