Week 10 Pigskin Idol Journal: Franz Villanueva, Castle Park

I remember it was regular day looking through Instagram, until I found out that KUSI is taking Idol Applicants. I thought of one of my senior friends, Macy Fidel, a previous PPR Idol, telling me if I ever have the chance to apply do it.  I ended up applying, but never thought I would be accepted. The day I saw that email I was so thrilled and grateful for them choosing me. I was told by Alyssa that I was Week 10 and I’m supposed to report on Wednesday to brainstorm the script. Once I arrived I met Alyssa, and THE FAMOUS Paul Rudy and right off the back we thought to base it off my job as being Tommy Trojan, the school’s mascot, and me doing the school’s morning announcements.

Fast forward to Friday, my friends at school saw on TV, Instagram, and Twitter that I’ll be on live TV in KUSI PPR. I had a lot of stuff running through my head, but I’m glad that during the game at Scripps Ranch, Alyssa and my Dad helped.  I interviewed one of San Diego’s best QBs, Brad Jeremiah, after the game ended and rushed back encountering Friday Night Light’s traffic to the station.

As I entered the station I was wondering why I wasn’t stressed out, and being tackled by many emotions, but I just thought positive. Alyssa and I were planning the highlight script, and getting my projecting mascot voice back in action. Finally, the moment of truth was finally happening, that I would be airing. I reminded myself that I got this and then I sat with Paul, and just like a shot it was done. I was really happy, and thought it was a dream. I thanked everyone at the station and left home.

I would like to give huge thank you to Paul, Alyssa, and awesome people at the station for helping me during that night, and I can’t forget my family, and CP friends in the ASB and sports for changing me to the person I am today, because without them I wouldn’t have the guts to even apply. 

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