Week 10 Pigskin Idol Recap: Ryan Veuger, Granite Hills

The Week 10 PPR Pigskin Idol, Ryan Veuger, wrote the following recap about his experience working on the Prep Pigskin Report:

My time as a PPR Pigskin Idol was a great one! Being able to go see how all the things are organized and get done at the PPR office was a really cool experience. Watching the game from the top of the press box had to be one of my favorite parts of the night just because of the great view of the field.

Back at the studio, reviewing the script and going over how I should say everything was very fun as well. I felt no pressure during the show and just did it all in the way I had practiced it. Nic Pollino was a great help throughout the whole process as well. From letting me know all the times of where I needed to be, giving me some pointers on what questions I should be asking, and putting together a great script to match the highlights.

I’m so thankful for this awesome opportunity I was presented with and I can’t wait to keep watching PPR on Friday nights. Thanks again for having me on the show!

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