Week 10 Pigskin Idol Recap: Sade Huff, Monte Vista

The Week 10 PPR Pigskin Idol, Sade Huff, wrote the following recap about his experience working on the Prep Pigskin Report:

My experience being a Pigskin idol felt like a dream come true from start to finish, everything felt so unreal from writing my script with my new bestie Bri to being on live television with Paul Rudy. I always dreamed of being on television when I was younger and the older I got I’ve always wanted to be a news reporter but I was too shy to do it, but thank God I was able to conquer my fear and take on this amazing challenge in pursuing my dream. I would like to thank my family and friends for encouraging me to do this and also just supporting me through this great journey. Also, I would like to thank PPR and Bri for selecting me to be an idol. This entire experience was definitely one for the books, something that I will always hold dear to me. I hope that after this I will be able to still continue into trying to make this dream a reality and become a actual news reporter.

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