Week 11 City Game of the Week: Kearny Komets 14, San Diego Cavers 7

Week 11 comes to a close with a good matchup between the Kearny Komets and the San Diego Cavers.

The Comets record was 4-5 coming in. As for the Cavers they had a 6-2 record before this game. Last time we saw these two teams play was at the Division IV championship game. 

In the first quarter, the game started out with a big fumble by San Diego as Mo Jackson had the ball and it was recovered by the Kearny Komets.

Kearny’s quarterback, Mario Alves, handed the ball off to Nico Estrada for a 22-yard touchdown. This made the score 7-0, Komets. 

Then, the Cavers answered with an 8-yard touchdown with the help from quarterback Jason Green, as he handed it off to Isaiah Smith. This tied it up, 7-all, going into halftime. 

As the third quarter started, Marquel Davis intercepted the ball. The Kearny Komets were six yards away from breaking the tie, so this was an important play for the Cavers. 

Then, there was a 10-yard yard sack on quarterback Green. This helped the Kearny Komets shut down the Cavers and get the ball back.

In the fourth quarter, Alves threw the ball to Dazure Pagget for an 11-yard play. This was good for the Komets as they were on their fourth down and were able to get the first down.

That set up a 7- yard touchdown by Kearny’s very own Alves. That made the score 14-7, Kearny. 

San Diego only had a little over a minute to score. The Cavers got down to the 5-yard line with five seconds left but were unable to tie it up. 

The final was 14-7, Kearny Komets.

The Komets had only two losses last year and they were both to the San Diego Cavers. This was a big win, as this will hopefully help Kearny get a spot in the playoffs.


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