Week 11: Morse Tigers 55, University City Centurions 13

It’s Week 11, and we’re headed to Morse as the University City Centurions take on the Morse Tigers.

University comes into this game at an hungry 1-8 as the Morse Tigers come in at an determined 5-4. There was no time wasted in this game as the first possession of the game was taken to the endzone on an 5-Yard Jaycob Hicks Touchdown rush which would put the Tigers up 8-0 in the 1st quarter.

Shortly after the Tigers would find the endzone an 2nd time as Tight end Darhon Yarbrough would catch a monster 1-handed 22 yard touchdown grab from Elisha Phillips.

Still in the 1st quarter, University City’s Ikaika Bell picks off Phillips at the 1-yard line for no gain which would set up a mammoth 99-Yard Touchdown run by Thomas Jones to make the score 14-7 Morse.

This game would soon get out of hand as by the end of the 3rd quarter the game the score was 49-7 and would end 55-13 Morse.

The Tigers were lead by stud Running Back Jaycob Hicks would find the endzone 3 times on 17 carries for 200-yards.

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