Week 12: Mountain Empire Red Hawks 28, Army-Navy Warriors 7

The Mountain Empire Red Hawks come out victorious in Week 12! They defeated the Warriors 28-7. This result advances the Red Hawks into the second round if playoffs and ends the season for Army-Navy.

First quarter of the game it seemed like the game could go to either team. Both taking the ball back and forth the field, however neither able to put points on the scoreboard.

In the second quarter the Red Hawks began to spread their wings and fly, especially into the end zone. With 7:30 on the clock Esteban Castillo ran the ball to the Warrior 5-yard line, this play would later set up a 1-yard touchdown run by Mountain Empire. They opened the scoreboard and took the lead, Red Hawks 7-0!

In the same quarter the Mountain Empire would strike again, this time it was Esteban Castillo with a 5-yard touchdown run! 14-0 Red Hawks.

The third quarter, remained scoreless and it seemed the game would end 14-0 in favor of the home team.

Army-Navy would not remain scoreless, they reacted in the fourth quarter and completing play after play. The Warriors scored a touchdown, cutting the Red Hawks lead by half. 14-0 Mountain Empire.

The home team quickly responded with a touchdown! It was a 70-yard run by Esteban Castillo, bringing up the Red Hawk lead 21-7.

The quarter belonged to Castillo, with just minutes remaining in the game he sealed the victory for Mountain Empire. He ran the ball 25-yards giving the lead and the final score of 28-7 to the Red Hawks.

This result ends the season for Army-Navy, but advances Mountain Empire to another week of the postseason.

Castillo was the secret weapon of the night scoring three rushing touchdowns in the night and helped the home team make it to the next round of playoffs.

Mountain Empire will take on long time rival Holtville next week in the second round of playoffs.


The time has arrived, Week 12 kicks off playoffs all over San Diego County. For us, the coast will play against the inland. The Army-Navy Warriors (2-6) will travel to the east to take on The Mountain Empire Red Hawks (7-3) this Friday night!

Army-Navy comes into this week with all to give and everything to battle for. The Warriors are recovering from the 44-3 loss over Tri-City Christian.

When it comes to playoffs all is on the line, and it’s all about what they can accomplish to stay strong on the field.

They will depend on the leadership of John Hart, Hadi Assi, and Paul Ferrero. The three have been essential for the Army-Navy offense this season. However, the entire team is a band of brothers and it will take a team effort to take the win this week.

On the other side, the Red Hawks have a 4 game winning streak, averaging 20 points each game. Last week they played a home game against Vincent Memorial where they took the 45-16 win.

The home team dominates the the passing game, last week they quarterback Gabriel Hydom finished the game with 251 total passing yards. Hydom seemed to have found a connection with Dallas Prince, he completed 92 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns last week. Defensively Prince is on the ball, he also caught 3 interceptions.

To completed the triple threat Marquis Davis completed a total of 67 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns in the game.

Red Hawks are a threat in the air, Army-Navy must prepare!

Cameron Will and Jericho Brennan will keep the defensive line strong, they both completed 10 tackles each in the game. Nathan Rose will also be key, he punted the ball 3 times with a combined 72 yards.

Can Mountain Empire get another victory at home? Will Army-Navy prevail?

Army Navy vs. Mountain Empire is set for 7 p.m. at Mountain Empire High School.

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