Kearny Komets 62, Classical Academy Caimans 6

There are 8 teams left in the IV division and this week we will cover another round of playoffs!

This week Classical Academy (7-4) will hit the road for an away game against the home team Kearny(9-1).
Kick off will begin at 7:00 Pm, where both teams will battle to continue their season and stay on the road to the championship.

The visiting Caimans, are coming off of a solid win last week, which will help them carry some momentum into this weeks game. The Caimans showed up and played very good football on both ends of the ball which lead to the win.
Overall, they are capable of being very dominating on the defensive side of the ball. More than half of there wins this season have resulted in keeping teams completely out of the end zone.

If they keep they play like the team they did last week, they are capable of having great success in the rest of play offs.
The home Komets were given a bye week the first round of play offs due to being the second ranked team in the division.

This team is one of the strongest threats that any school will have to face, and there (9-1) record speaks for its self.
This will be there first play off game of the season, and they have the advantage of playing at there home stadium.

The anticipation awaits as we will find out Friday who will remind battling for the IV championship title.
Tune into KUSI on Friday night at 10:45 for final play off scores and highlights and follow us on twitter @RedJacketArmy.

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