Week 12 Hog Blog: Bending to the Will of the People

It became obvious just before 2 am last Saturday morning. Even the longest game in World Series history managed to conclude before our Silver Pigskin Player of the Year deliberations. As chairman of the committee, I didn’t leave the station until 2:30 am. As Roger Waters once sang, “This will not do.”
The meeting did adjourn with the tough decisions made. We reached a consensus on our five Silver Pigskin finalists, and the (20) Fan Vote names eligible for the 6th and final seat on the podium. It wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t pretty, but our 2018 podium will reflect what we think is the best possible cross section of football talent in San Diego County.

Before we can go public with our choices, you the PPR viewer must get to work. In a nod to our 20-year anniversary, we expanded the Fan Vote Pool to 20 names. You would think that would make things easier for the committee- oh contraire. That was a more heated discussion than choosing the five finalists.

In the end, we decided on 20 names that we are comfortable with, should they be voted on to the podium. As soon as the PPR goes off the air this Friday night, the Fan Vote polls will open. You will have until midnight the following Thursday to cast your vote(s). Each viewer can vote up to three times: once on Twitter, once on Instagram, and once on Facebook. Any suspicious voting patterns will cost nominees votes, and in particularly egregious cases, will result in dropping candidates from the ballot.

The entire process got us thinking: we focus the entire Gala on six Silver Pigskin finalists, one Iron Hog winner, an Admiral’s Award recipient, and a Coach of the Year. Nine honorees; that’s not enough. Why not get more deserving kids involved? So in 2018 the Silver Pigskin Gala is tweaking its format to do just that.

As the Silver Pigskin Gala grows in stature, alongside other popular awards shows like the Oscars, Golden Globes, and BAFTA’s, in only makes sense to add additional awards. So Friday Nov. 9th, we will announce the five finalists in the following categories: Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Special Teams Player of the Year, and the Underclassman of the Year.

You the people will be able to cast votes in all these categories, and just like in the voting for the Silver Pigskin Player of the Year, your vote totals will be weighted to count as 20% of the PPR hard ballot vote. You will be able to influence close races, without turning our new awards into “popularity contests.”

The Silver Pigskin Gala is one of the most exciting hours in San Diego television. By adding these new elements, we will be able to showcase many more of our great athletes while adding to an already electric atmosphere inside the USS Midway Museum hangar bay.

For years PPR viewers have requested more chairs on the podium; we resisted that for time restraint reasons. But these alterations do represent the PPR’s inclination to “bend to the will of the people.” In the final analysis, the Prep Pigskin Report belongs to the San Diego prep football community. You will always have a voice in how we do things.

Don’t forget, the Silver Pigskin Gala will be broadcast live on KUSI-TV Tuesday, Dec. 4th at 6:00 pm. The red carpet ceremony begins at 5:00 pm.

Yours in Pigskin,
Paul W. Rudy/PPR

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