Week 12: Picking just 5 ain’t a picnic

Within 2 hours of releasing our 9 names for the “Put a Pig on the Podium” Facebook contest the e-mails started coming. Without even knowing the 4 Finalists chosen by our Silver Pigskin Player of the Year Committee, the e-mails came in fast and furious.

“I can't believe you didn't choose ___!”… “We're terribly disappointed that our son __ isn't being considered!”… and my personal favorite, “What moron compiled this list?!”

With only 5 chairs on our podium there is no way possible to make everybody happy. We accept the basic tenet that no matter whom we choose there will be a flood of angry e-mails detailing our flawed decisions.

Accepting that fact, we do our best to validate the selections. We speak with coaches and opposing coaches. We consider won-loss records and strength of schedule. We consider the number of scholarships offered and from what schools. But most importantly, we consider our own video. We have cameras at nearly every game in the county, every week of the season. We have an eyewitness database building from training camp to Qualcomm. At the end of the day, we trust our people to pick a quality podium each and every December.

In what has become a recent PPR tradition, our committee now only determines 4 Finalists, and the reason is simple. By the end of year we can barely stand the sight of one another! It takes forever just to decide on 4 names, and the thought of grinding out another 4 hours in a congested office to a pick a 5th name is almost too much to bear.

Truthfully, though, we want you the viewers to have input. So, starting last year we now let you, the viewers, decide the 5th Finalist from a pool of candidates we determine. This year we whittled our Fan Pool to 9 names. We're comfortable with all 9 names in our Facebook poll and can make a strong argument for their Finalist candidacy. We're letting you decide which one of those 9 names joins our 4 Finalists.

Judging from the early voting returns, you, the viewers, are getting a taste of how difficult this task really is. Our 1st place vote getter and our 9th place vote getter are separated by less than 50 votes, and that's with over 1000 votes cast so far.  Picking just 5 ain't a picnic, is it?

We'll unveil our 5 Finalists this Friday on the PPR, and hopefully have most or all of them in-studio for the Think Blue PPR Plus.

Until then, may the Pigskin breeze be always at your back!

Paul Rudy
Creator of the Prep Pigskin Report

Email me at ppr@kusi.com


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