Week 12 Pigskin Idol: Gabi Dunham, Mission Hills High School

By Gabi Dunham:

The night I spent with the PPR was a night I will never forget. As someone who is passionate about sports and extremely interested in sports broadcast I was amazed by the process of putting on an episode of the Prep Pigskin Report. Once we arrived at the studio I was in awe at how busy everything was. My nerves were overtaken by excitement. Amber, Bill, Christina, and the rest of the KUSI staff were so welcoming and so incredible the entire night.

If I could relive my night as the Pigskin Idol I would do it in a heartbeat. The best advice to future Idols would be to just enjoy every second of it because although the thought of being on live television can be a little daunting you are only on camera for a short while with plenty of prep time beforehand. After watching the process that KUSI goes through to put on a single episode of the PPR it was evident to me that their passion not only inspired me to pursue my dreams of becoming a sportscaster but also created the amazing quality they pride themselves on.

Not to mention, the sweater is definitely my new favorite item of clothing! It is so soft and warm I don’t go anywhere without it. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and can’t wait to watch the rest of playoffs every Friday night at 10:30!

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