Week 12 Pigskin Idol Recap: Makenna Saward, Scripps Ranch

The Week 12 PPR Pigskin Idol, Makenna Saward, wrote the following recap about her experience working on the Prep Pigskin Report:

Broadcasting found me junior year as a class I could take. Since I switched schools in the middle of high school, I was looking for a fresh start and new opportunities. I already had an interest in new casting and photography, but didn’t have a plan for it. The broadcast journalism class was looking for anchors to be the face of the Falcon Five News at Scripps Ranch High School; I volunteered not knowing what was in store for me.

Senior year rolls around and I’m broadcasting at football games, later to be aired on the school news. The last football game of the season comes around and Nic Pollino shows up with the Pigskin Idol of the week to cover the Kearny vs Scripss Ranch game. I ended up interviewing Nic and the Idol to go onto the school news and thereafter asked about how to become a Pigskin Idol. Knowing it was late in the football season and that there was slim chance for me to actually be the Pigskin Idol, I put my name in the ring.

Less than a week later, Nic contacts me asking if I was still wanting to be the Pigskin Idol for that week. Shocked and excited I gladly accepted the offer, next thing I know I’m heading to the studio to go out for the football game on Thursday night. At first, I was confused on why there was a game on a Thursday, but I went and it was a great game to see.

After the game, I went back to the studio and had the pleasure to meet Paul and the KUSI Red Jacket team. The energy they gave off was phenomenal, they were so welcoming and kind hearted. Just seeing the sights and sounds around the studio was one of the best things I have ever come across. Late Thursday night, I left the studio with my script in hand to practice, ready to come back the next day to be on camera.

Friday night was unbelievable. The Red Jackets were all coming back from the games to finish their segments to be aired in a few short hours. I spent my time working with Nic on reading the script and preparing to be on air. I stepped out to the area by the stage and waited anxiously to get up and be on camera. Paul and Nic were both very helpful in the filming process, and just like that, I had read off my script with ease and was on my way home with a smile on my face.

The experience I had at KUSI is one I will never forget. Hopefully in the near future I can come back and work with them.

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