Week 14 East County Game of the Week: Santana Sultans 35, Orange Glen Patriots 14

The Santana Sultans taking on the Orange Glen Patriots.

We pick this one up in the 1st when Nathan Temple throws the 65-yard long bomb to Randy Smith for the touchdown and the 7-6 Santana lead.

2nd quarter it is Temple again this time to Jared Forster who breaks numerous tackles not letting anyone get him down before he scores making it 14-6.

But they aren’t done yet, here is Temple with the touchdown pass to Dean Landers, Landers would finish with two touchdowns on the night.

And the Patriots don’t go down without a fight here is Ethan Villalobos with the long pass to DJ Harris cutting Santana’s lead in half.

But the Sultans defense shutting down Cael Patterson and the rest of the Patriots offense as they head to the D4 championship.

The final 35-14 Santana.

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