Week 2: Silver Pigskin Watch List

We're only one week into the season and the Silver Pigskin Player of the Year Committee is already convening on a weekly basis. I'm always reluctant to jinx athletes by mentioning them in this particular blog, or perhaps discouraging others by not mentioning them, so let me open with this comment: The 2011 race for the Silver Pigskin Player of the Year is wide open!

Listed below are just some of the kids we are keeping an eye on in the early stages. We will revisit this blog in October.


Chase Knox, Madison H.S.

Knox led Madison High to a State Bowl in Carson before his residency status pulled the plug on the entire 2010 season. With those issues now resolved, Knox's playmaking ability from the pocket will get him a long look from the PPR Player of the Year committee.

Shane Dillon, Christian H.S.

Having already accepted a scholarship offer from Colorado, Dillon entered 2011 as THE quarterback to watch. Last Friday's 35-0 loss to Hoover cooled that conversation a tad.

Tight Ends:

Taylor McNamara, Westview H.S.

Thirty-two D-1 offers. Enough said.

T.D. Gross, Santana H.S.

Legit D-1 athlete. Gross has the perfect initials for football.

Offensive Linemen:

Erik Magnusson, La Costa Canyon H.S.

It's hard to miss this 6'8″ bulldozer. Brady Hoke and the University of Michigan sure didn't. Ever since we introduced the Iron Hog Award, it's unlikely a lineman will make the Gala podium. Erik might buck that trend.

Other lineman to consider for Player of the Year and the Iron Hog: MarioYakoo from Steele Canyon (UCLA-bound), Eduardo Middleton of Oceanside (multiple D-1 offers), and Kwayde Miller of Ramona (multiple D1 offers including Wisconsin).

Running Backs:

Jude Isbell, Eastlake H.S.

The Titans' 2-way starter might not tip the scales or possess the ‘40' time college scouts go gaga over, but he can play football. He falls forward, and hits hard.

We expect a handful of San Diego running backs to pop up on our Player of the Year radar in the coming weeks. And we are just starting our extensive search of the defensive side of the ball. One thing is for certain: Our five Silver Pigskin Finalists and our 2011 Iron Hog winner will be athletes with impeccable numbers, and they will be respected by their fellow students, coaches and teachers. The two don't always go hand in hand, which always makes things interesting for our Player of the Year Selection Committee.

Paul Rudy
Creator of the Prep Pigskin Report

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