Week 2: Grossmont Foothillers 59, Mater Dei Crusaders 26

The Mater Dei Crusaders took a trip to Grossmont High School where the two teams faced each other for the first time in history. The Foothillers stomped their way to a 59-26 victory giving them the winning streak momentum.

The two teams were head-to-head right off the bat.

Foothillers running back Jahmal Nevels scored the first touchdown of the night.

Aiden Calvert from the Crusaders responded quickly with a 60-yard touchdown as he broke through the Foothillers defenders, as it was still, 7-6, Grossmont.

The Crusaders punt got blocked by a Foothillers defender, preventing the Crusaders from tying the game.

The Foothillers were able to score another 60-yard touchdown from quarterback Jaime Odom to Devin Jackson, expanding the lead to 14-6.

Concluding the first quarter, the Foothillers ran with a 21-6 lead forcing the Crusaders to adjust their game plan.

Entering the second quarter, the Crusaders were able to quickly execute a fourth-down touchdown closing the Grossmont lead to 21-12.

However, Grossmont took charge of the game and found themselves at the end zone three more times before the half giving them a 38-12 lead.

Mater Dei’s David Jazo scored a long-running 70-yard touchdown as he fled away from the Foothillers defenders, to close the gap to 45-18.

The Foothillers sealed their victory with a final score of 59-26.

Next week, Mater Dei (1-1) will be on their way to La Jolla where they will face the Bishop’s Knights at 7 p.m.

Grossmont (2-0) has a bye week and will be back on its home field on Sept. 13, at 7 p.m. versus the Olympian Eagles.


The Grossmont Foothillers are home once again as they host the Mater Dei Crusaders this Friday, Aug. 30 at 7 p.m.

Both teams started off the 2019 season on the bright side, both coming out with wins last week. Let’s see who can keep the winning streak rolling.

This will be the first time that the two teams have ever matched up, so the Crusader-Foothiller history starts now.

With the help from the Crusaders junior quarterback Trevor Appelman and senior running back Aiden Calvert, the blue and gold were able to secure their first win.

In last week’s game, Appelman threw four touchdowns and 268 yards. Calvert had 11 carries, 70 yards, and one touchdown.

Both quarterbacks finished with similar yardage.

Grossmont’s quarterback Jaime Odom, a senior, finished with a total of 288 yards.

Senior wide receiver Shawn Williams added some key plays that helped the Foothillers to a ‘W’ last week, leading them with 151 total receiving yards and a touchdown.

Which defensive team is going to protect their end zone the best and continue their winning streak?

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