Week 2 Student-Athlete Spotlight: Caleb Phillips, Santa Fe Christian

Week 2 Student-Athlete Spotlight: Caleb Phillips

When you get an offer, you usually get a handshake.

Offers to Caleb Phillips come with the request of a shake.

"The next thing is you gotta gain weight," the 195 pounder said.

What he doesn’t need to do is gain knowledge. The tight end and middle linebacker sporting a 4.5 GPA.

He doesn’t need to gain maturity. He’s gone to Africa and Mexico to build and maintain societies.

He doesn’t need to gain responsibility. Santa Fe Christian built the tight end position back into their offense because he was perfectly made for it.

And he doesn’t need one shot at the next level. Every Ivy League school has had the conversation with him – except one strange outlier.

"One of my friends in soccer is going to Brown, and he jokes that I’m not Brown material," Phillips said. "Their coach was here earlier and we had a good talk."

"We went to a couple of Ivy camps and got to meet with the coaches," Santa Fe Christian head coach Jon Wallace said. "To hear them talk about Caleb and what they thought of him made me proud as a coach – just how impressed with him they were, and not just as a football player."

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