Week 3: Let he with more than 25 camera crews cast the first pigskin

As the executive producer of the Prep Pigskin Report, I'm forced to gamble every week when we make out the schedule. It's a math problem. We have 25 camera crews dedicated to the show, but we often have more than 35 games to cover each Friday night. So, every week we must assign multiple games to as many as 10 of the PPR crews.

There are a number of factors that dictate which games get complete coverage, and which games get paired together for a single crew. The PPR Game of the Week and the three Regional Games of the Week each get a single crew. That leaves us with roughly 30 games to be covered by 20 crews. From there we start looking for schools playing in close driving distance to one another. Proximity to our regional hub feed point is a big factor, and the quality of the match-up also plays a role in our decision making process.

Once we have the framework of our schedule in place, the guesswork really begins. Which game do we go to first? And which game do we cover second? This decision is also influenced by where the game is being edited. We usually have the crew start at the game furthest away from the edit location and work in the direction of the live truck or the TV station.

Despite all this planning, if the football gods don't cooperate we are often forced to air highlights that don't accurately depict the contest. Last Friday, the folks in Escondido and La Jolla County Day became painfully aware of what I'm writing about, as did the fans of Mission Hills. We failed to show the plays that told the whole story of those contests simply because our cameras weren't there when some of the big plays happened.

I understand your frustration. You've come to expect ESPN-like coverage from the PPR and you're disappointed when we fail to meet that standard. Know this: We hate letting you down. We spend hours trying to avoid such failure, but there will be nights when some big plays occur while our cameras are elsewhere.

I know this explanation doesn't make up for the missed action, but I trust it will help you better understand why there will be nights when your school's best plays don't make the PPR. It's not intentional, it's sometimes unavoidable.

Paul Rudy
Creator of the Prep Pigskin Report

Email me at ppr@kusi.com


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