Week 3 City Game of the Week: St. Augustine Saints 42, Loyola Cubs 5

As week 3 comes to a close, a very good game was the Saint Augustine Saints vs the Loyola Cubs. The Loyola Cubs traveled all the way from Los Angeles to play the Saints.

The game started with a touchdown from quarterback Angelo Peraza to #21 Byron Cardwell for 2 yards to make the score 7-0 Saints. The Saints then go on to get a pick, a nice play by #9 Maximus Simon. Just a few plays later the Saints fumble the ball turning it over to the Cubs. The Cubs are then unable to score a touchdown but get a field goal making the score 7-3 Saints.

In the second quarter the Saints strike again as quarterback Angelo Peraza takes it to the house himself for a 33 yard touchdown. The Saints then look to #21 Bryon Cardwell for a 4yard gain into the endzone making the score 14-3. Right before the quarter comes to a close the Saints aren’t ready for half time just yet, with a beautiful throw by the quarterback Peraza to #5 Tyson Mcwillams for a 41 yard touchdown. The Saints creating more of a lead with the score of 21-3 Saints during the half.

After halftime the Saints were ready to score more as Peraza passes to #6 Gracen Halton for a 16 yard touchdown making the score 28-3 Saints. Then Loyola fumbles, and it is recovered by Saints’ Christan Gaeta. This then leads the Saints onto a successful drive to score another touchdown by the one and only Bryon Cardwell for a 2 yard touchdown rush. This now making the score 35-3 Saints. We then see a big interception by #6 Gracen Halton with a gain of 8 yards. You thought the Saints were done, think again! Then quarterback #3 Richard Colmenero III had a pass to #2 Samuel Scaife for a 24 yard touchdown. Resulting in the final score 42-3 Saint Augustine Saints as the winner.


As we look forward to week 3 a big game to watch is the Saint Augustine Saints vs. the Los Angeles team the Loyola Cubs.

Saints is lead by coach Joe Kremer, this will be his second year coaching at Saint Augustine. Coach Kremer lead the Saints to a Division 1 championship last year, and is hoping to do it again this year.

The Saints record last year was an impressive 10-4. One key player to look for this season is Bryon Cardwell (RB-LB). Mr. Cardwell is one of the states best backs, with 1,501 from scrimmage last year. This young man has been offered many scholarships, from schools like UCLA, USC, and Washington State.

You can’t forget about the Saints’ quarterback Angelo Peraza, who is a valuable  part of the Saints’ offense. The Saints’ record so far is 2-0 and are planning to make it 3-0 this friday. 

The Saints are up against some tough competition this week. A team all the way from LA, the Loyola Cubs. This won’t be the first time the Saints take on the Cubs, the two teams went head to head last year and the Saint won 28-10.

The Cubs are led by head coach Drew Casani, who is an alumnus of the school. The Cubs have a record of 1-0 so far and are looking for another win this week.

A fun fact about one of the Cubs’ players is that junior Ceyair Wright who is not only a stellar player who has received many division one offers, but also will be starring in the upcoming film Space Jam 2. What is his role you may ask, he is Lebron James’ Son. What a great opportunity, can’t wait to see Wright on the field and in the theatre. 

What a competitive game it will be Friday, you don’t miss week three of the Prep Pigskin Report. 



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