Week 3 Pigskin Idol Journal: Alison Washburn, Mission Hills

When I found out I was a Pigskin Idol, I was stoked. I was instantly looking forward to the Friday that I got to be under the football lights and get to make a highlight reel. For three weeks, I was highly anticipating my week. When it came and I got the email from the Pigskin coordinator, my excitement grew even bigger and I did not think that was even possible.

The first part of being a Pigskin Idol was to come in to the KUSI station the Wednesday night before your game to start writing your script. On that Wednesday, I was nervously awaiting my time to go down to the station. When I got to the station, I was instantly welcomed by the KUSI staff and my experience of being the Idol started off great. That night I got to start writing my script with the Pigskin coordinator, Alyssa Asido, and it was a lot of fun! As we were writing, the workers around us would chip in funny jokes and help us out; it was a really positive and amusing environment to work in. I loved it! Sadly, when we were done writing my intro, it was time for me to leave. I could not wait for Friday.

Friday came along rather quickly to my surprise and I could not wait for that night. When I got to the Mission Bay field and met up with the Pigskin coordinator, my excitement reached a whole new level. As soon as I put on the PPR sweatshirt, we started working right away. We went and took pictures of the famous red jacket with fans, concessions, cheerleaders, etc. It was so awesome being able to walk down on the football field and be a reporter. Throughout the game, Alyssa and I were looking out for highlights and the player of the game. When the clock ran out of time for the fourth time, we went down to the field to talk to the player of the game. It was such a unique experience being the field reporter instead of watching one normally. This was definitely my favorite memory.

Right away, I made my drive back to the station to start working on my script for the highlight reel. It was amazing watching our photog make the highlight reel so quickly and with so much accuracy. After he was done, it was time to get down to business. Props to the Red Jackets who write the scripts every week because writing one and matching the timing to the video is extremely difficult! However, with some practice, I was able to time out and deliver my highlight reel.

When I was sent to the stage that was when the nerves set in. As I was getting mic-ed up, I was going through my script the whole time. What a view it was sitting on the stage with a set of studio lights, 4 cameras, and 2 monitors looking straight on you. Papa Pig was awesome! He was really supportive and wanted us to do the best we could. When we went live, it was a scary but exhilarating moment. I would not trade it for the world.

Working as the Pigskin Idol is something I will never forget. Writing a script, picking out highlights, interviewing players, and even going live was once of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me. I shared lots of laughs and made an enormous amount of memories. I would definitely do it all again in a heartbeat. PPR will forever have a place in my heart!

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