Week 3 Pigskin Idol: Macy Fidel, Castle Park High School

My PPR Pigskin idol experience was one of the most fun and unique things I have ever done. From meeting great people like Amber, Christina, Allie, Brandon, and Paul, to the free shaved ice, everything that day consisted of was filled with pure fun and joy. Ever since the day I got the email from Amber I was super shocked and excited that I was given the chance to represent my school on PPR. After I being on the morning announcements at school everyone was congratulating me, wishing me good luck, and warning me not mess up. That was probably the main reason why I was nervous. I was obligated to represent my school in a fun and positive way and messing up wouldn’t do so.  But with the help of Amber I then I realized there was nothing to be nervous about. She gave me more than enough time to practice the script and told me that whole show is just about having fun and being silly. So my advice for future idols would to just do exactly that.  Don’t be afraid to sound ridiculously cheesy and if you are this wasn’t meant for you. Also be fully prepared for the horrible stench of football players and for them to trample you like a herd of buffaloes.

Overall my favorite part of the whole experience was being able to work with Amber and seeing the whole process and work that is put into making the show. Also all the attention I got from everyone was pretty cool too. At first I was extremely nervous to meet Amber but she ended being one of the funniest and nicest person I’ve ever met. Without her easy going attitude and persistent advice before going on I would have probably made a complete fool out of myself. With graduation just around the corner I have to start making options and ideas of what I want to pursue in. The PPR experience has definitely opened my interest in possibly getting into a field like journalism. I couldn’t be more than thankful for being chosen, not only because it was a good experience for myself but I believe it gave my classmates at Castle Park a sort of pride, accomplishment, and motivation to keep giving our school a good name. If I could do this every Friday I definitely would but this one time has given me a very unique and fun high school experience I will never forget.

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