Week 3: La Jolla Vikings 28, Santa Fe Christian Eagles 14

The La Jolla Vikings (2-1) were able to ruffle the feathers on the Santa Fe Christian Eagles (2-1) crushing their undefeated record 28-14 in tonight’s contest.

Off to a rocky start on their first possession, the Eagles turned the ball over on the first drive and were able to recover the ball gaining 11 yards.

Late in the 1st quarter, quarterback Jackson Stratton is sacked, but that does not stop the Viking’s on their drive for a touchdown. Getting to the 1 yard line on 4th down the quarter comes to an end.

Starting the 2nd quarter, Stratton finds Makai Smith in the end zone, taking the lead 7-0 against SFC.

Looking to get on the board, the Eagles drive down the field, Stephen Britton runs it in from 2 yards out.

Coming back from halftime, Stratton throws a 40 yard bomb to Diego Solis, followed by a nice 13 yard touchdown run from Max Smith, Viking’s take the lead once again 14-7.

Moving their way down the field on next possession, SFC’s Blake Weeks, finds an opening and runs the ball 55 yards to the end zone tying it up once again.

Winding out the 3rd quarter, La Jolla’s Stratton hands the ball off to Makai Smith, who reverses the ball to Diego Solis followed by a 33 yard pass to Luke Brunette in the end zone, completing a beautiful double reverse and once again takes the lead against the Eagle’s.

That lead would only increase as the Vikings recovered a SFC fumble late into the 4th quarter to be answered by Max Smith completing a 12 yard run scoring the final touchdown of the game and a win 28-14 for La Jolla.

The Vikings will host Del Norte (1-2) this week at home, and the Eagles will travel to play Mount Miguel (1-1) in next week’s game.


The Santa Fe Christian Eagles (2-0) will be flying south for this week’s matchup hosted by the La Jolla Vikings (1-1).

It was a close game when these two teams played each other in Week 3 last season, but the Eagles were able to come out on top 16-14.

The Vikings are coming off a win last week against Mission Bay, 34-13, looking to advance their record with another win.

The Vikings have a young quarterback this season but don’t underestimate him just because of his grade.

Sophomore Jackson Stratton threw for 136 yards in his first game of the season against The Bishop’s School. When he’s not passing the ball, Stratton will most likely be handing it off to junior running back Max Smith, who ran for 128 yards in Week 1.

Santa Fe Christian, coached by Jon Wallace, will be looking to continue its winning streak and remain undefeated this season.

The Eagles have a very strong run game, rushing for over 680 yards so far in their first two games.

Leading in rushing yards for SFC is Stephen Britton with over 220 yards and he is closely followed by Kian Hogan and Blake Weeks, who have around 150 rushing yards each.

The Vikings’ defense will need to keep a close eye on the Eagles’ run game if they want a victory again this week.

To see if the Eagles remain undefeated or if the Vikings improve their record, tune in to the Prep Pigskin Report Friday night at 11 p.m. and follow @RedJacketArmy on Twitter for live updates throughout the game.

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