Week 4: (Enrollment) Size Doesn’t Matter

It's not every day that I admit Los Angeles has a better idea than San Diego, but when it comes to high school football, the City of Angels has beaten us the punch with regard to assigning schools to specific divisions.

Up in LA they have something called the Pac-5, a ‘superconference' of schools based not on school enrollment but on strength of program. The Pac-5 gets tweaked every two years to adjust for the “tipping of the competitive balance scales,” and takes into account the fact that some schools feature football programs much stronger than their enrollment size.

Currently, the CIF Southern Section is enrollment-based, but imagine the possibilities. Instead of watching Eastlake coast through the Mesa League, or Oceanside power through the Avocado League, imagine if they were both in the ‘Rudy 12.'

Proposed Rudy 12 Superconference:

Cathedral Catholic
La Costa Canyon
Mira Mesa
Pt. Loma
St. Augustine
Rancho Bernardo
Torrey Pines

We could steal a page from the English soccer leagues and promote or relegate teams based on their results. Schools like El Camino, Madison and Valley Center, just to name a few, could move up when other schools move down.

Or, we could add 4 more schools and divide the 16 schools into ‘Rudy East' & ‘Rudy West' divisions.

Sure, this would be a tough conference schedule for everybody in the Rudy 12, but I guarantee the Rudy 12 winner would have no problem getting a spot in the CIF bowl system.

Just dreaming, but dreams are what spawned the PPR!

Paul Rudy
Creator of the Prep Pigskin Report

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