Week 4 Pigskin Idol Journal: Matt Nichols, Steele Canyon

Being the Pigskin Idol for week four was definitely a memory I won’t forget anytime soon. Over the summer I submitted my application to be a Pigskin Idol, and was so excited when I heard that I would finally get to be one. I love watching sports and following teams, and was even more excited when I found out that I was scheduled for my school’s bye week.

The Wednesday before the show I went to the studio to meet the Pigskin Idol coordinator, Alyssa Asido, and write my intro. It was so cool to see how the station works and to be a part of it. Everyone at the station was so nice, fun, and helpful. I was so excited for Friday night and could not wait for my game.

Finally it was Friday and time for my game. I arrived at Serra and was greeted by Alyssa. She gave me a quick rundown of how things would go the rest of the night and then jumped straight into it. I filmed two teases for the show and then took pictures with Serra’s excited fans. It was such a fun atmosphere and everyone was so excited that the PPR was back. Before I knew it, it was already kick off. Usually, I am screaming and cheering in the Steele Canyon Spirit Section, so sitting down during a game was really different for me. However, getting to hang out with Alyssa, talk about plays, and brainstorm ideas for the highlights was so much fun, and a highlight of my experience.

Once the game was over, I headed back to the studio. There, I started writing my script, which I was the most nervous about, because you do not have a ton of time. Luckily, it all came together so quickly with the help of Alyssa and other PPR staff. Then it was time to practice it not once, not twice, not three times, not four times, but way more than five times. Next thing I know I am behind the desk with Paul Rudy reporting. Paul was so nice and fun to play off of. It went by so fast, and then I was all done. Immediately after I walked off the set Alyssa pulled me aside to do a quick interview for the post game show. I felt great and it was an experience I am so glad I got the chance to have. The PPR is amazing and I can now say that they definitely do not have an easy job, and yet they are still so good at what they do.

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