Week 4: Clairemont Chieftains 13, El Cajon Valley Braves 7

This may be the home of the brave but tonight in San Diego it was the home of the Chiefs. The Clairemont Chieftains to be exact.

In a “bend-but-don’t-break” matchup, the Chiefs overcame the Braves, 13-7, as Clairemont celebrated a second win in their record and broke El Cajon Valley’s undefeated streak.

El Cajon’s defensive tackle, Ke’von White, tallied multiple solo tackles before the half.

It wasn’t until third quarter when quarterback Ryan Christensen tossed to Brayan Guerrero, who rushed for 24 yards, putting the Chiefs into scoring position.

First on the board were the Chiefs as running back Isaac Vilchis took it to the end zone for a 1-yard touchdown.

What looked like a magic trick was really just a play that worked out in the Braves’ favor. In the third, Clairemont’s Vilchis fumbled the ball and El Cajon’s Mario Jacobs recovers it, leading to quarterback Joe Malone’s 17-yard quarterback keep.

To finish the game, Christensen answered Malone’s score with a 1-yard touchdown.

The MVP trophy would have to go to the Chiefs’ defense who managed to once again hold their opponent behind the line of scrimmage for the majority of the night. Not bad for a 23-man roster.

Next week the Chieftains will host their Homecoming game against San Ysidro, and the Braves will face off against Vincent Memorial.


The off-season dust has been shaken off, the players have warmed up, and the teams are getting into the regular-season routine. Week 4 is in full force.

This Friday, the El Cajon Valley Braves visit the Clairemont Chieftains.

The momentum is building as the Braves enter this gameday with a 3-0 record.

With the combination of Damarius Hyde and Clarence Johnson, quarterback Joe Malone should have plenty of opportunities to score both on the ground and through the air.

In last week’s win against the Coronado Islanders, Malone threw for 109 yards, Hyde tallied 21 carries, and Johnson totaled 70 receiving yards. In previous weeks, the same three players interchangeably led the team on offense.

In a small sample, the Braves seem to have strong plays both when they throw the ball and in short passes and long drives. This Friday, the Braves will try and create that same threat with the same key players.

The Clairemont Chieftains (1-1) are coming off a Week 3 victory against the Maranatha Christians. A squad of seventeen young men secured three scores in the first half and the defense held the lead in the second half, ensuring a 21-16 win.

The biggest question of the night is this. Can the Braves advance to week 5 with an undefeated record? Or will the Chieftains be the ones to deliver their first ‘L’ of the 2019 season? Find out this Friday on the PPR.

Look out for your game-day red jackets as we’ll be taking photos and videos in the bleachers and on the field of PPR nation.

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